30 KM | 276 M+




The tour begins at the new facilities of the Carramimbre Winery in the hamlet of Padilla de Duero (Peñafiel), leaves it through the area of the Archaeological Site of Pintia, the name of an old Vaccea city and that in 1993 was declared an Asset of Cultural Interest as an archaeological zone. From there we enter the Senda del Duero, passing along the left bank of this path, where one of the wooden walkways over the Douro River is crossed, crossing to the right bank to return through an area of pine forests and vineyards to, going up the course of the river, enter one of the most representative towns of the Ribera Pesquera de Duero. From here, the most demanding part of the route begins, having to gain height to go to the town of Curiel de Duero, entering at that moment the last kilometers of the race. The urban center of Peñafiel will be accessed again by another of the river corridors of the region, the path of the Duratón River, a beautiful environment that will rest the view of the participants and prepare them for the last effort: the ascent to the Castle of Peñafiel, headquarters of the Provincial Wine Museum, elevation above 900m. altitude. From there, and after going through the centuries-old walls of this fortress, only the final walk remains, a swift descent to the Plaza del Coso where the finish area will be located.


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